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The London Pass Review

Whether you’re in London for a day or a week, a London Pass is something you should consider getting. Check out my review (complete with cost comparisons) and see how you can make this pass work for you.

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The Complete Schengen Visa Guide

Applying for a Schengen Tourist Visa and don’t know where to start? Worry no more! I’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you with your Schengen Visa application.

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The Complete UK Visa Guide

Want to have to tea with the Queen? Or just want to visit Hogwarts and Downton Abbey? Here’s a detailed guide to getting a UK Visa.

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I love traveling and I also love writing about it. Browse through my travel plans, travel expense reports, reviews, tips and tricks, and my travel diaries.


A girl’s gotta fund her own travels, right? I also write about side hustling and how I build my travel fund from sources other than my paycheck.


From time to time, I write about  my experiences and issues that matter to me, Internet finds, personal finance, and my progress at teaching myself various life skills.

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I’m just an ordinary girl who has a day job but still aims to travel the world. I write about how I save up and how I side hustle for my travel fund. I’m also very generous with my tips and tricks, you don’t have to pay for anything! Come on, join the bubble!

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Bella Ricca Manila

Bella Ricca Manila is the online shop I started with my childhood best friend. From selling pre-loved items, our shop now sells Tie-It-Yourself leather sandals and leather bags which are made in the Philippines. Our shop here on Bubble of Blah is still under construction but you can check out our shops in the following social media networks:




TIY Sandals

Our TIY sandals are made of synthetic leather and are from Marikina. The rubber soles make sure that they are non-slip and the surface of the sandal can be wiped easily to remove any dirt.


TIY Ties

We have more than 30 tie designs to choose from and you can tie your sandals whichever way you want to. Use one tie or combine two to create very unique looks.


Jelly sandals

Jelly sandals are coming soon to Bella Ricca Manila!