Blogger’s Blackhole

Blogger’s Blackhole

I know, I know. I haven’t been blogging lately (more like a month now) and I feel horrible about not being able to get into that writing mood. This may not be the next bestseller, I mean I’m writing for a blog and that should be easy right? No, it isn’t. I still do plan blog posts and try to answer each and every comment on my posts.

What’s my excuse for not writing? Let’s see…

1. I’m stuck in a blackhole, in quicksand. I don’t know what to write and it’s silly because I have a list of blog ideas that need to be put into writing. It’s just that I’m stuck and I don’t feel like writing. If you may have noticed, I still reply to all your questions but I haven’t come up with a new post. Okay, I’ve sugarcoated it enough. I was feeling lazy.

2. Blogilates is keeping me busy. Yeah right, as if I’ve already completed a week of exercise. But seriously, I am hooked on Blogilates. I have the app on both my iPad and iPhone and I subscribed to the Novemburn calendar. I have quite a number of skip days and I noticed I always skip Mondays and Tuesdays and this makes me conclude that I am a slow starter. Haha. Kudos to Cassey Ho for keeping me hooked on Blogilates. Jillian Michaels can never get me hooked on her videos but I do like them still.


I love love love Cassey Ho!

3. Typhoon Haiyan has made me realize a lot about how inefficient and over-confident the Philippine government is and how other countries have shown their love for the Philippines. I’ve made my contribution to the relief efforts and it has taken up time and effort but I am happy. I’m also very glad that my World Vision sponsor child is safe. They haven’t reported any World Vision sponsor child casualties but I am still quite worried and I’ll now make it a point to get the contact details of my sponsor child’s parents so that I can personally send him gifts and other things he might need.

Relief efforts are still underway and rehabilitation of the affected areas have not yet started. If you can still help, please do so. Send your money or donations in kind to international organizations. I think it would be better to just give monetarily to avoid hassles in sending your donations to the Philippines (*cough*customs*cough*). As much as possible, let’s keep politicians’ hands from our donations.

4. Work has taken up a lot of my time, obviously, since I work 8 to 5, 5 days a week. I am happy to say that I am done with all of my project audits for the year so early in November. That gives me two whole months to take it easy at the office. But that’s not to say that i don’t have any more work to do. Our team still has to finalize the audit ratings for the year and plan for 2014. Plus, I’ve been assigned to head the team that will be conducting the in-house training for SDLC and Project Management audits. I’ve been preparing the training materials which include the slide presentation and a sort of ebook/ mini – manual. It’s my first time working with Keynote for iOS and I love it. I guess it’s goodbye Powerpoint then.

5. I’ve recently been working on a couple of major life changing projects. Not a wedding. It doesn’t involve a man just yet, not counting a certain Mr. Bates. Aside from those two major projects, I’ve got mini projects going on as well. I can’t spill on them just yet, all in due time old sport. All I ask are your positive vibes. A simple, “I’m sending Kristine positive vibes,” said with a smile will do.

6. I have gone crazy over Kpop and Kdrama again. I spent $9.30 on Kpop songs from iTunes and I was awfully disappointed that the OST for To The Beautiful You (For You in Full Blossom) is only available in the US iTunes store. Guess I have to wait for it to be released in the Philippine store. I just finished watching the whole series about two weeks ago and my friend Patty has been so kind and emailed me mp3s of the OST. The songs and my Lee Hyun Woo iPad wallpaper have kept me happy.

I’ve only just discovered Running Man when I was searching for BigBang videos on Youtube and was I howling in laughter. I am a BigBang and 2ne1 fan, never really got into the whole Super Junior and SNSD fandom. I guess I have a problem when there are a lot of performers for a group. Moving on, i’ve also fallen victim to the parody videos of BigBang. TOP keeps on kissing all of his group’s members in these videos. Haha. O.o. This is my Kpop playlist so far:


Taeyang oppa! Fighting! I’m having an LSS with his new song Ringa Linga (sounds like a name for chips lol).

My current Kdrama craze is the series The Heirs. I’m not a big Lee Min Ho fan but the series has somehow gotten me hooked. I’m still on episode 4 and being slow about it. Hopefully I finish this before the year ends. Haha.

7. Aside from Kpop, I’ve also been having eargasms with the following artists:
Mindy Gledhill
I so love her Pocketful of Poetry song. Michelle Phan always uses her songs for her videos and I only really checked out Mindy’s songs the other day and I love her!

Joseph Vincent
I have had this crush on Joseph Vincent ever since forever. Haha. I guess it’s all about the voice and all. Plus, he motivates me while I’m struggling with my sit-ups. *wink wink* I’m actually listening to him as I type this.

Lana del Rey
Her song Young & Beautiful hypnotized me. I heard it already before but I got hooked on it after watching The Great Gatsby which I found brilliant. Baz Luhrman, you have my stamp of approval on this masterpiece of yours.


8. Like my blogging, I haven’t been able to pay attention to my polyglot project, other than watching videos of KWOW from Professor Oh. As a result, “molla” and “chingu” keep on running inside my head. But I’ve been able to finish two Michel Thomas CDs. Only one more left and then I can proceed to the review session and to more advanced lessons. I can do past, present, and future tenses now. :D I also tried to test my ear for Italian by watching Italian videos and tutorials from Tom and I’m happy that I can still catch up a bit on what they are saying.

I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll just be writing separate posts for the other things that I want to say in more detail, plus the other blog post ideas that I have lined up before 2013 ends.

If you’ve got suggestions on what I should write about, please post it in the comments section below. I would love to get your feedback and I will definitely work on them.








  1. Nasa Episode 12 na ako. I-career mo na. Actually yung I Got a Boy lang talaga gusto ko but di pa ako fan ng SNSD. Pero now na-oust na sya as LSS. My current jam is f(X) Toy and Step, plus Hey You — OST from Lie To Me.

    blog post suggestion: What’s in My Bag post. Dahil I’m usisera like that.

    Ako din tinatamad mag-blog (ehem Europe trip*ehem product reviews*) Fighting!

    • That’s one reason din bakit di benta sa akin ang Super Junior. I can only concentrate on 5 at the most and I feel it’s unfair for the others na di ko man lang sila tingnan o panuorin hahaha. Dami kasi eh! Hahaha After I watch the latest episode ng HIMYM I’ll catch up na on The Heirs. Makatapos man lang sana ng isang episode tonight. :D

      Di pa ko nakakagawa ng butterbeer. :( Boo me. Gusto ko nga tuloy magbutter beer ulit sa Starbucks tomorrow eh. Then again, I suddenly think about the other flavors I could try. Check this out: Secret Starbucks Drinks.

      Hahaha I’ll try din yang What’s In My Bag. Sakto para may gawin ako sa office bukas hahaha.

      • Oh I know this site, actually dyan ko nakita yung recipe ng butterbeer hehe. I stopped making butterbeer muna masakit sa ngipin eh. Looking forward to your next post. :)

        I’m still trying to finish my diary entry before I blog abou Europe. Hoho.

  2. maybe you can write about other places you want to visit

    • Thanks for the suggestion Juan! :D I still have a lot of places on my bucket list, might as well get started on planning and writing about them.

  3. I’ve been listening to SNSD’s I Got a Boy for over a month now, and then I officially became a fan of f(x) after hearing their Pink Tape album. Oh, I’m also watching The Heirs. I’m on Episode 10 now but I can’t find an english sub episode. And because of Park Shin-ye I want to buy Holika Holika products. Also, what is up with actress playing Rachel Yoo, she still plays a bratty role very similar to her role as Sol-hana no?

    • I find it very hard to like the whole SNSD thing and the aegyo-ing… Lol I’m still on Episode 4 of The Heirs, because I’m lousy like that hahaha I think it’s because of that actress’ face. The way her face contorts is pure evil and I can’t really see her in a protagonist role lol

      • I’m not a fan of SNSD, like you naguguluhan ako pag madami na, di ko alam kung kanino ako magfocus. LOL. I just really like I Got a Boy kasi halo-halong genre yung na-cover sa isang song. I finally found the link for episode 10 and I am now on Episode 12. Yung concept ng The Heirs is like a mash up of several kdrama I have seen, so it’s fun to watch. Cute ni Krystal Jung. LOL. Si Rachel Yoo olats forver haha. Park Shin-hye and Lee Minho were once endorsers of Etude House pala. I-career mo na yang The Heirs!! Oh, btw have you made butterbeer? :)

        Oh yeah suggestions: What’s in your Bag post. usisero lang ako. LOL.

        • oops akala ko di – nag- go-through ang comment and had to retype the whole thing. ^^;


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