What’s In My Bag

What’s In My Bag

Like I posted the other day, I was in a blogger’s blackhole and I couldn’t simply get into the mood for writing. My friend Patty suggested I do a “What’s In My Bag” post so here it is.




My trusty Kipling bag from Global Luggage in London

This is the same bag I used for my Eurotrip this year and I got it from Global Luggage’s Oxford Street branch. It’s the best bag ever. It’s just the right size for me, for the daily commute, and for all that I lug around me to work. The strap is perfect and the material is waterproof but of course, I still don’t let it get wet in the rain.




The gadgets!

Here are the electronics I bring with me everyday. I always take my iPad 4 because I do use it for work and research and for watching movies and practicing my Spanish and Italian during break times. Next is my iPhone 4S which I will soon be giving to my sister so I can get the new 5S. We all know how the iPhone’s (or any other smartphone’s) battery is so I always have my iPhone charger with me as well as my portable Mili power bank. Of course, my arsenal of weapons is not complete without my trusty earPods to block out the din.


The Essentials

Vamos a ver. We have here my little medicine pouch with the essential medicines only. I keep the rest of my stash at home or if I am bringing my lunch bag, I keep the full traveling pharmacy pouch there. Beside it is my eye lubricant/drops which are very much needed to combat dry eyes. I have had dry eyes since my PRK surgery and I always have to bring one of these drops with me. Next to it is my toilet spray. Gotta spray them public toilet bowls clean before I pee. My cologne is in that clear spray bottle. I don’t like bringing the original cologne bottle because it’s big and it will be better to just transfer a small amount to my smaller spray bottle. The scent inside is white musk from Body Fantasie and I am just in love with it. I’ve also tried the white musk from The Body Shop and have yet to try the one from Jovan. Of course, I will never forget to take wet wipes with me. They are a gift to mankind!

The pink pouch with Modess written on it is obviously a sanitary napkin pouch. Only, I don’t use Modess napkins because I use Anion Pads, the Love Moon Winalite ones which I order from trusted online sellers because it’s not available in malls but only through direct selling. The black canister thing beside it is my pepper spray. You never know when you may need to use one. Then there’s my company ID, proximity card, and drawer key, all in the Gryffindor lanyard I got from the UK Harry Potter studios. Last for this batch are my pens and stylus.


The Non-Negotiables

Aside from the essentials, I also have my non-negotiables. I always bring water with me because I get thirsty a lot. Here, you can see my squishy water bottle. I found similar ones at National Bookstore and they sell for 35Php. Next to it is my alcohol spray bottle and below it is my coin purse. I have a pink purse from Beabi and it’s the same purse I brought to my Eurotrip. I can fit in a lot, and I mean A LOT. Since I live in the Philippines, I always have to bring a fan with me. And lastly, my folding umbrella from Marks & Spencer- lightweight but can withstand a blast of wind.


The Make-Up Kit

Here’s my make-up kit. It’s a sort of Le Sportsac themed one and I remember getting this as a present. I just don’t remember who gave it to me. To the contents we go!


The Girl Weapons

These are my girl weapons. They’re not much but then I’m not a fan of slapping make-up on my face on a daily basis. I have enough skin imperfections to deal with without adding more from using lots and lots of make-up. But for those times these are needed, I have them. The ELF one is actually eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow for the lazy ‘uns like me. I have a lip gloss from Sephora and my blush is Blood On from Majolica Majorca. I use Tony Moly’s Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream, which I just leave at home, and I set it with it’s partner powder pact. For my lip balm, I have the Baby Lips one from Maybelline and I’ve been using this during my Eurotrip as well. Great balm, really softens the lips. Both my pen eyeliner and mascara are from Etude House. I do believe Etude has the best and most affordable eyeliner and mascara, this is my go-to brand for eyeliner and mascara. And lastly, hair clips and ties from The Pink Box. I always keep losing my hair ties though so I end up buying sets of these all the time.

There you have it! Aside from this bag, I also bring a lunch bag to work because I bring my own food. It saves me a lot of money and a lot of unwanted calories. :D

Have your own “What’s In My Bag” post? Leave a link to your blog in the comments section below and I will gladly take a look at what you have in your bag.










  1. Hey you! All hail information systems *** bloggers. Haha. Take care :)
    Rae recently posted…Watching the DiscomfortMy Profile

    • All hail!!! Hahaha! :) Take care too!

  2. That lanyard! Envious much. :) I have Etude House Mascara too from the same line but they repackaged it and the price increased from P198 to P228 but still afforable. I have the Volume and Longlash type.

    Thanks for indulging us with this post, I like What’s in my Bag Posts a lot. :)

    • Oh! Was that a repackaged version? I thought it was a new one and the sales girl didn’t tell me it was just the repackaged version of the old mascara I used.

      You’re welcome! :)

      • Uh-huh they changed it this year, I still got the old version when I got it last August. And they also reduced the type of mascaras under the Oh~ M’Eye Lash, before it has 4 types (Curl and clean, double up curl, double up volume, volume and long lash) now it’s just 2 types (Volume and Curl).

        • I guess it’s coz some of the old mascaras seemed redundant or that the effect couldn’t really be differentiated by the average user that’s why they narrowed it down to two kinds. Regardless, I’m still happy with it and the quality doesn’t seem to be compromised despite the changes in their mascara lines. :D

          • Probably, haha I love the old Volume and Longlash, it’s living up to it’s name. :) I was about to post my own WIMB post but back out at the last second. I’ll take better pictures of the contents first.

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